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3D Printing Innovations Touching Our Lives

From conception to reality, the rapid prototyping process or 3D printing has come a long way since its inception. The production cost of 3D printers has also gone down thus making them more readily available in the market. Some models of 3D printers are even up for sale to the public, having led a boom in the entrepreneurship industry.


As far off as it may sound, many experts in the field even believe that in the near future, 3D printers will be found in many households as common as a regular printer. Rapid prototyping has multiple uses such as printing everyday use products, commercial or marketable products and in some cases even human body parts (i.e. prosthetics and the likes) which we have highlighted on this blog many times.



Printing Memories

As many of us can relate, when we accomplish something great we try to hold onto some part of that achievement in order to remind ourselves of that dedication and as an example of what hard work earns you. It is usually in the form of an award or some sort of keepsake. Now, thanks to rapid prototyping, Nice Trails, a company that creates models of GPS-tracked mountainous routes, is helping change the type of souvenirs athletes are taking home with them. With the use and help of rapid prototyping, Nice Trails is helping to solidify the accomplishments of these daredevil hikers.


Imagine being able to look at the trail that you braved all those years ago and sharing the experience with your children and even grandchildren. Many hikers are now doing just that. It is a simple process for the customer. He or she simply uploads and saves a GPS track to Nice Trail’s website and in about two weeks time, the customer will receive a 3D printed model of the path they traversed with difficulty and determination. This use of the technology is showing the true innovative power of 3D printing technology as well as its likability.


3D Printing Innovations:

There are some great innovative ideas that have moved forward the 3D printing industry. Ideas that stand both for the present as well as future of rapid prototyping. These ideas are being looked into right now and expanded further with the passing of days. Let’s point out and have a look at just a few of these marvelous ideas:



3D printing hasn’t been missed even by Hollywood; it would have been surprising if Hollywood overlooked this amazing form of technology. Film makers saw the unique benefits of 3D printing and implemented the process as a tool to create some pretty impressive works. One such example was Iron Man’s suit from the movie Avengers. The incredible detail on that suit shows the capabilities of this technology. We can assume that as the technology grows and becomes more commonly used, it will definitely take over the more “traditional way” of doing things. Making and designing props with this technology in films now is becoming more the norm than the exception due to its speed and accuracy.


Printing from Home

Imagine that you are trying to set up a wooden compartmentalized structure of sorts and you realize that you’re missing several screws. Now normally, we would have to go to the local hardware shop and buy those screws each and every time we missed something. But with the power of 3D printing, theoretically, we could print it right from our house. We could pay to download a certain design from online stores and print the item almost instantaneously. This could save us much time in the future and lead to a more productive use of our time.


Printed Chocolate

3D printed chocolate anyone? Sounds a bit strange but it is a reality now. In the United Kingdom, scientists have created a prototype of a chocolate printer. Edible and delightful! It’s quite simple actually. You melt some chocolate, place it in the syringe located in the printer and create your own brand of chocolate if you like. Several companies around the globe are partaking in similar ventures.


Bone Replacement

Broken bones destroyed due to an illness or due to unwanted accidents are now being replaced by parts made from titanium. The shapes of the bone(s) to be replaced are made through the utilization of rapid prototyping.


A Dutch woman received a jaw made of titanium back in 2011. This success gives us hope for this particular use of rapid prototyping. The technology available even made sure the titanium jaw fit the patient properly and nerves were attached so she could enjoy the sensation of touch. 3D printing is being used to literally change people’s lives for the better.


Creating Medicine

There are efforts being put into the medicine field as well, specifically in the creation of medicine. 3D printers are now able to print the casing of the pill while dropping the chemicals inside the pill. Medicine will be able to reach the clients in a more efficient manner if this use of 3D printing becomes widespread.


Additionally, pills have been created with a few different medications in just one pill and by utilizing difference substances, each part of the pill can have a different time release. Hence, instead of having to take 4 or 5 pills, one could take just one pill that has all of their medications. Wow!



An Italian man by the name of Enrico Dini generated the D-Shape printer, termed as the world’s biggest 3D printer. This device allows Mr. Dini to create the individual parts of a building, made of sand and stone, which can then be assimilated together in order to create a whole new structure. This could speed up the process of construction by an ample degree and also open up doors for more uniquely designed buildings as well. The future of city building might just be in the hands of 3D printing.


These are just some of the ways in which 3D printing & rapid prototyping are changing the world and thereby leading to the formation of new memories, milestones and achievements. As the world continues to develop and move forward technologically, there are really no limits to what we can do with 3D printing for industries across the board.



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