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Ever since childhood, we have dreamt about the thought of owning and constructing our very own toys. But in order for that to happen, we would have to behave like good and obedient children, be innovative and have tools. Of course, we would also be required to help our parents around the house with chores and daily errands; wash dishes, and many other things. If our parents thought that we had done a decent enough job assisting them, perhaps then they would treat us with a new toy. On the other hand, if you had been mischievous or disobedient in any way, then that reward would be snatched away from you.


However, in the modern day and age, that is not something that you would have to worry about. This is because with everybody’s lives being consumed with work and everyday chores, and nobody barely has the time to look at other people’s activities. This would also be particularly directed towards the children. Now, parents do not have the time to look and monitor about their child’s activities every single minute of the day since it seems we are all so pressed for time and our calendars are so full. This lack of attention to our kids as well as the plethora of digital screens are major reasons why the majority of children today become addicted to electronic gadgets at a pretty early age. As most parents will agree, this digital addiction is a blessing and a curse. It might provide your child with a nice activity to kill some time so that you can focus on your daily tasks, but it comes at a price.


But now, thanks to rapid prototyping, there’s a new alternative. With all of the advancements in rapid prototyping services, it has actually now become possible for children to make their own toys. Fun!


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The reason why toys were such a popular hit amongst children was because of the attachment that they would have towards it. With just one particular toy, they would be able to spend hours at a stretch. In this way, the parents would also remain relaxed with the thought that their children were being involved in something productive and creative.



The Early Generation of 3D Toys


Ever since rapid prototyping was introduced, the technique was used to make children’s toys. Even though the outcomes were pretty good, the consumers were not happy with the limited design options which were available. They felt that it would not provide them with sufficient scope to explore their creative side and come up with something innovative. In terms of the materials which were available, those were found to be pretty limited as well. This is because the only popular material which was widely used was plastic. Even though it would seem like the ideal material for 3D toys, it was not practical and durable. Therefore, the children did not want to waste much of their time to engage in rapid prototyping and come up with more new design ideas.



Evolution of 3D Toys


As a result of the shortcomings which used to exist in the toy industry, certain initiatives were undertaken. This is because the marketers understood that children and their parents made up a significant segment of the population. If they could be targeted accurately, then it would definitely allow them to earn higher margins of profits.


Therefore, significant investment was made to research and develop on how the rapid prototyping process could be improved. In addition, the different kinds of machineries which could be used were also examined. Also, thanks to the maker movement, the toy makers had understood the significance that toys used to hold in children’s lives. It is because of this reason that they wanted to bring something new – which would make toys both fun and educational.


One of the major breakthroughs that was witnessed in the rapid prototyping industry was the development and introduction of mobile apps. The toy marketers understood the struggle of parents who would have to wait in long lines and crowded spaces just to get their child’s favorite 3D toy. While the wait and struggle would definitely be worth it, they did not want the parents to go through the struggle. For that, they introduced specific apps which changed the way the kids would select their toys. In this way, parents would no longer have to depend on traditional shopping methods for their kids’ toys. All of this could easily be done in the comfort of their own homes. These applications would also provide the children with the option to customize their designs with the help of rapid prototyping.


As for the entrepreneurs, this change provided a massive opportunity for them to utilize rapid prototyping services. Since both children and parents would like to order customized designs of 3D toys, this would enable them to expand their business. They could even take the initiative to order these 3D toys for special occasions. All these could then be delivered right to their doorstep as an attempt to increase loyalty.



What Does The Future Hold?


It might be quite difficult to judge the future of rapid prototyping services based on just its current state. Even though the present would be capable to paint a very pretty and happy future, it would be difficult to predict anything related to the future. This is due to new trends which would come out every day with regards to rapid prototyping. With so many innovations and breakthrough ideas, it would actually be difficult to determine what the next big thing would be.




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