Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing a New Detroit

Downtown Detroit is about to be redesigned using rapid prototyping and 3D printing technologies. This facelift of the area is being conducted by Olympia Entertainment. The company happens to be a subsidiary of IIitch Holdings- a multi-billion dollar group of companies. The project specifically includes the District Detroit, which is a world-class development complex consisting of fifty blocks of venues, restaurants, parks and businesses. The whole project is going to be designed, constructed and set up using rapid prototyping and 3D printing technology.


Olympia Entertainment owns some leading sporting teams such as Detroit Tigers and Red Wings, along with their involvement in developing District Detroit. This juggernaut construction project is being covered extensively by world-renowned media outlets such as New York Times, CNBC and Forbes. Once the project reaches completion, the complex will be used to house new venues for the two reputed sports teams; as well as providing residences and office spaces for the general public in the creation of civic infrastructure.


At present, rapid prototyping leaders of the world include China; the country has carried out two major 3D printing construction operations i.e. manufacturing of products and visualization of construction. In early November, WinSun, a Chinese construction company, made use of rapid prototyping in order to create commercial houses and villas. The world is increasingly seeing widespread 3D applications using rapid prototyping such as architectural projects and commercial real estate construction.


In order to achieve their dream of building a modern Detroit complex out of rapid prototyping, Olympia Entertainment collaborated with the leaders of 3D printing services and manufacturers of 3D printers- Stratasys in order to create 3D scans, plans, and designs for the site. Stratasys is also going to help manufacture the necessary components of the stadiums and buildings among many other structures to expedite the entire construction process.


In order to take the District Detroit project further and to illustrate their vision, Olympia Entertainment also teamed up with Zoyes Creative Group- a local architecture and design agency. Teaming up with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, the companies are to create the District Detroit Preview Center. This is a multimedia based demonstration whose core is made up of two large-scale models which have been made with the help of rapid prototyping. This is a miniature prototype of the arena itself and then the whole fifty block district, according to the reports of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.


$990 million value Stratasys formed its branch Stratasys Direct Manufacturing which has been formed by leading producers RedEye, Harvest Technologies and Solid Concepts. This organization, established by these four companies, is there to enable the clients and the companies to use next generation technologies of rapid prototyping.


The members, companies, and employees of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing have gained a considerable amount of experience in different fields of rapid prototyping which include CNC machining and Stereolithography over the last thirty years, as the company has stated previously. With their resources and experience, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has been pioneering large scale projects which include the production of 3D printed brains for healthcare corporations and surgeons, as well as 3D printed bones.


Tom Wilson, a representative of Olympia Entertainment states that their partnership with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing helped to sell out their development complex in a relatively simple and efficient manner, such as office suites and residential buildings. He also notes that the entire process of selling the properties was shortened substantially to just forty days, as opposed to the usual six month period.


The model prepared by Stratasys gives a real Detroit like feel with its vivid imagery and detailing. There remains no question that this model was the game changer for the company. They had a vision to sell off their suites within six months, which would have made them happy. However, they accomplished their mission in just forty days; hence the company is ecstatic and hopeful.


Wilson further emphasizes that more importantly; the sophisticated and detailed 3D models made with rapid prototyping showed the entire fifty block development in never before seen detail. This model led to the massive success in sales, marketing, and manufacturing. Little Caesars Arena, located at the center of the model, is set to open its gates in 2017 and will become home to the celebrated Detroit Red Wings. The entire development team of Olympia Entertainment is eager to see how rapid prototyping and 3D printing technology allows both its manufacturers and clients to visualize the project effectively.


One can always take a look at a rendering and get a feeling as to how it will turn out; however, it really does not have a chance to become so vivid until one can imagine themselves and their clients in the complex. Telling the story and being part of the story are very different feelings altogether. When the model and the detail is seen, the whole city comes to life before the eyes.


Further emphasizing the importance of Stratasys’s presence in the construction of the amazing development site, Zoyes Creative Group expresses their gratitude to the 3D printing giants in helping them complete the construction project on time.


The imaging director of the company Rich Rozeboom commented that Stratasys Direct Manufacturing helped relieve the company of the humongous workload by helping them meet deadlines. This provided both Zoyes Creative Group and Olympia Entertainment time to conduct the sales and marketing operations while the construction went on seamlessly. Rozeboom said that the companies felt a lot of pressure from the city, the stadium and everywhere else, and Stratasys did not hesitate to jump the water with them. The company began to print as soon as Zoyes Creative Group sent them the first files of the project. They process of shipping began just four days later.


According to Dean Zoyes, the co-founder president of the company explained that the rapid prototyping technology used for printing and manufacturing different components of the project included columns, sections of the arenas and seats for the sports teams concerned. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has been essential in assisting them to get through the strict deadlines of the construction as well as making some larger print volumes associated with this type of large scale project.




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