Rapid Prototyping: The World Changer


Diving into our world and making a significant impact, 3D Printing or rapid prototyping has truly revolutionized our world. As technology improves, the real benefits of rapid prototyping services are being shown. It is being used in a vast multitude of disciplines such as fashion, medical uses, food, the video game industry, the military and many more. Technologists claim that rapid prototyping will free us from the monopoly of mass manufacturing. The President himself mentioned it in his State of the Union address stating that raid prototyping in fact has the potential to transform the way through which we make practically anything. With its seemingly limitless uses, rapid prototyping has a promising future and is guaranteed to change virtually every field of work.
Customization of products will be at the core of the rise in popularity for rapid prototyping. In the future we can have products created specifically how we want them in ways that were previously unseen. Most businesses will need to adapt by having a customization option or they will more than likely fall behind. Individual tailoring for customer products will be a must and the companies with the most customization options will be the most fit to thrive.
Rapid Creation of Innovations
Innovation is a key factor in today’s rapidly changing world. New cars, new clothes, to top it off, even new food will be made much quicker leading to many new innovations in the future. Since the time needed to bring about prototypes of new concepts is reduced with the use of 3D Printing, designers can put more effort into the final product rather than the initial one. This rapid production will eventually lead to an economy that grows just as fast and the creative genius of people will be in full use as well.
3D Printing: The Lifesaver
The medical field is one that can always use improvement. We all want to be healthy and we all want a world in which proper health is the norm. The quality of life can be improved through the use of 3D-printed implants. As different people have different medical needs, 3D printers will be able to print out implants with the precise specifications of each individual. This will lead to improved prosthetic limbs, bone implants and other devices used by doctors and dentists. New discoveries in the medical field will happen a lot faster as well. Even in snap situations in which a patient has been rushed in for emergency surgery, an implant can be printed out and prepared for surgery in a matter of moments.
How about education? Can rapid prototyping be used in schools? The answer is- they already are being used. Several middle and high schools already have access to 3D printers and are making the best of them. As the price of 3D printers goes down, the access to this technology will most likely increase drastically. You may see your child bringing home a 3D printed object in the near future. Universities will likely embrace this technology as well for research and other practical reasons.
Different students will be able to find different purposes for this auspicious technology. Math students can print out geometric shapes. Engineering students can print out their concepts in a more efficient manner. Art students can add an unrealistic amount of detail to their art. The list goes on and on but one thing is certain, rapid prototyping has already started to leave an indelible mark on education.
Business or Bust!
The business world simply can’t ignore the implications that rapid prototyping will have (and is having) on the consumer based society we live in today. Businesses may no longer have the option of charging for shipping if rapid prototyping takes over. 3D printed products will reach the customer in no time at all so companies not using 3D printing will have a tough time competing. Advertisers will have to change their methods since many people will have 3D printers in the house in the future. Advertisers will have to give discounts on materials purchased for rapid prototyping uses or they may not be noticed. Companies will have to work much harder to grab the attention of their market as people will just print out whatever they need right from their houses. Companies may start manufacturing in homes as costs and production times will be a fraction of what they were before. This will change import and export trade laws in a significant way.
These are just some of the ways that rapid prototyping has started to transform the world around. The significance of this technology should not be ignored. We should find more productive uses for it so we can propel civilization forward into a much more innovative and organized world. No field should exclude rapid prototyping, as the benefits are far too great to be missed out on. While the printer may have changed the way we produce writings, the 3D Printer will change the world.

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