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The maker movement is molding the innovators of tomorrow and changing the career trajectories of millions one maker faire at a time. Many of these individuals, representing all ages and all generations, are using 3D printing as a way to transform everyday items and processes. And, once they have a final prototype, they are taking advantage of the exceptional rapid prototyping services already in existence to make their dreams a reality.

The Maker Movement

The maker movement has been exploding across the world in recent years, and it is helping to change the daily lives of everyone in their communities. The movement brings like-minded people together from local communities and cities to find ways to improve upon existing products, develop new inventions, and to make things themselves rather than to purchase homogeneous and non-unique items typically sold in big box stores to the masses. The definition of maker people has expanded greatly over the years. It was originally limited to people who enjoy DIY projects such as refurbishing furniture. Today, it can include anything from artisans to whitehat hackers.

While this movement has typically been solely supported by local businesses and local communities, more and more corporations and industries are beginning to support the movement as they, too, see the potential in developing untapped talent in these increasingly competitive industries. One of the greatest tools makers can use is a 3D printer. It is possible to make anything from food to parts while also being able to use recyclable materials.

Arming Innovators

One of the most challenging aspects entrepreneurs face today is being able to create working prototypes of their visionary goods on an affordable budget. The maker movement and rapid prototyping services are making this possible for entrepreneurs worldwide in all maker industries. Now, innovators and entrepreneurs can work with others in the maker community to share ideas and skills. They also possess the ability to create working prototypes and adjust models quickly, easily, and cheaply before sending them to mass production through rapid prototyping services.

Because of these advances and opportunities, makers save valuable time and money. These savings could mean the difference between being first to market or losing out to a competitor. To an entrepreneur, every minute of every day and every cent of every dollar is critical to the success of their new business. By being able to adjust prototypes on site without having to ship inferior prototypes out to manufacturers and potential investors, startups are eliminating months from their projected launch dates and providing a superior product during the initial phases of business. And, by eliminating potentially dozens of shipments between prototyping manufacturers and innovators, the maker movement is also better for the environment.

Career Opportunities

The economies of developed countries are not what they used to be and it is shifting the structure of workforces worldwide. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs since the economic recession and financial crisis starting in 2007 and 2008. Unfortunately, these individuals possess skills that no longer have marketable value in the US on a large scale. These same individuals have been struggling to find new work and develop new skills; however, this no longer has to be an issue. Former manufacturing employees can continue to use their skills and expertise by embracing the maker movement and by learning about rapid prototyping services and the ways in which they can all work together to make career changes and improve the lives of small communities everywhere.

Career changes are also taking place for people who graduate from university. These young professionals are entering a job market that is lacking opportunity, and the jobs that do exist, they are competing amongst tens of thousands of other people for one opening. The maker movement and 3D printing is helping to provide new opportunities to a younger generation who have not yet had the opportunity to establish a successful career or profession.

The Children and the Future

The maker movement and rapid prototyping, together, are also making the future better for children today. Whether kids attend maker faires, participate in local maker instructional sessions, or simply spend time at the local maker space to learn from other makers, they are better off than any kid who does not take advantage of these opportunities. Many more progressive schools are also providing maker spaces and encouraging involvement of students in the maker community. Schools only have so much time in one day and a strict curriculum to follow which, in many schools, does not include developing additional skills that will be required to succeed in the future. The maker communities the world over are providing additional support to kids today where schools leave off. And, as mentioned, those kids who are an active part of these groups will be miles ahead of their peers throughout their entire education and in the future of their careers.

The maker movement and rapid prototyping services are transforming industries, careers, and lives the world over. Everyone from entrepreneurs to children to the unemployed now have the opportunity to make their mark on the world easily and with little cost other than their time, dedication, and determination.

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