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Rapid Prototyping Custom Made Eyeglasses


Rapid prototyping services have allowed for a variety of manufacturing, including eyeglass frames. As eyeglasses frames are a fashion statement that billions choose to make on a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before rapid prototyping services would take up the notion to 3D print these accessories that stand as necessities for its wearers. After touching the fashion industry with clothes, shoes and other accessories, consumers’ demand for 3D printed frames was also taken into great consideration by manufactures.


In the past decade or so, while we have noted significant progression in the technology associated with creating corrective lenses or prescription lenses, there seems to have been little to hardly any progression to the frames that clench those lenses and stand out while they are worn. Eyeglasses frames, while they are frequently available in the markets in a great collection of styles, are sadly still only created in a single general size. This general size is one that wearers are expected to fit on their head irrespective of any distinct fit concerns that may arise in the process.


This limit to the size of such an important accessory has led to some much-needed reconsideration regarding the importance for variety in size. Due to eyeglasses frames being manufactured in one single size, your average customer will most probably have an issue fitting the frame on their head at some point in their lives and they will just have to live with it. The drawback according to manufacturers is simply that there are just too many variables associated with the manufacturing of eyeglasses. Manufacturing glasses on a bulk scale, that too in various sizes would be far too expensive for the industry. While a t-shirt or a shoe are commonly only going to have a countable range of sizes, to accurately fit frames on everyone’s face would entail possibly dozens of sizes! Not to mention, we don’t have exact figures on just how many head sizes exist today!


However, with the help of rapid prototyping services, custom making eyeglasses frames has now become possible! Rapid prototyping services cover a wide range of services, including 3D printing which uses print material and a saved blueprint to print layer over layer of the material which eventually forms into useable products. With the help of 3D printing come MONO eyeglasses.



MONO Eyeglasses by ITUM


ITUM helped to change the outlook of having just one size for eyeglasses frames. ITUM uses a distinctive sizing system with the help of 3D printing to make custom-made eyewear that is reasonable in pricing and obtainable by everyone without additional costs being applied. Surprisingly, a solo pair of custom-fit prescription MONO glasses is similar in price to the one-size frames that are traditionally purchased by eyeglass wearers worldwide. This has of course changed the dynamics of eyeglasses frames, allowing for greater flexibility and selection for eyeglass wearers.


The sizing scheme of these glasses has three main measurements– the front or forward-facing breadth of the frame, the length of the person’s temples and the breadth of the nose pad. Additionally, each of these parts also has three measurements. The breadth of the frame choices are sized at S (which is 128mm), M (which is 134mm), or L (which is 140mm). The length of the temples size options are S (which is 90mm), M (which is 100mm), or L (which is 110mm). The breadth of the nose pad choices are S (which is 18mm), M (which is 15mm), or L (which is 12mm). Once the interested consumer has calculated their distinctive frame size taking into account these particular measurements, they can opt to purchase the impeccably sized pair of eyeglasses that are available in the different styles.


Due to the MONO being 3D printed in a single individual piece, there are no fragments that need to be compiled and then fit properly. And the lack in the number of moving, distinct parts will decrease the possibilities of the eyeglasses falling apart or even breaking. This also helps to reduce the weight of the frames almost to a half. Not only will MONO fit on its consumers better, but these glasses also won’t feel as weighty or hefty on the wearer’s face. To top it off, the temples come with a distinctive DNA joint that permits the glasses to securely fit to your head and fold closed when it is not being used!


The bendable frames also allow for a varied combination of lens’ colors and choices. MONO can be opted as the wearer’s chief pair of eyeglasses from prescription, it can be worn as a pair of sunglasses from prescription, or it can simply be worn as a non-prescription fashion statement. Instead of purchasing a few pairs of these glasses, you can just purchase several lenses depending on which ones you need. You can effortlessly swap your reading lenses for a pair of prescription glasses or tinted sunglasses.


The round Harry Potter themed glasses are not the only MONO frames that are available. So those who do not see themselves wearing the Potter glasses need not worry. MONO is accessible in five distinctive frame styles, along with the ordinary rectangular and round options. There are also a variety of colors that consumers can opt to choose from; diversifying their choices even further.


MONO eyewear is nothing but a result of the great innovation and progression that rapid prototyping services have helped to bring forth in markets across the board. Consumers, especially those who buy eyeglasses have been pleasantly surprised by this new venture that has been undertaken by ITUM and other companies with similar products in range. In the upcoming years, we are bound to see even greater products being introduced in different markets by the diverse processes that fall right under the wings of rapid prototyping services.



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