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There are few industries in the world today that are not utilizing the amazing technological advances of rapid prototyping. When you look you look up in the air, you might spot a 3D-printed drone or an airplane that uses printed parts. When you look around on the road, you will likely see cars or bikes with parts printed by rapid prototyping services. And, when you look out on the water, you might just see a boat that is using printed parts. The world is quickly changing all around you with the help of 3D printing.


Rapid prototyping is not lacking for exciting opportunities and limitless ideas, however many are still years away from being available to the general public and offered at an affordable price. Today, however, one of such products that is nearly ready for mass market is the production of bicycles. In the past, when materials were far more limiting for 3D printing, most frames were made of plastic. Today, rapid prototyping services are able to print frames from metal providing a higher quality and long-lasting bike. Even professional racers are using these printed bikes. Motorcycles are also beginning to use rapid prototyping to reduce lead times and costs to customers. With rapid prototyping, people have more control over the customization of their motorcycles due to these advances in the industry which motorcycle owners are absolutely enthusiastic about the trend. Cars are also taking advantage of printed parts in both the testing of new technologies and in actual road use. And, even segways are moving to the rapid prototyping of parts to appeal to a larger market.


The air is filled with devices and items made from 3D printers. Drones are one of the fastest growing interests both for personal use and commercial purposes in the world. Today, it is possible to make a drone almost entirely out of 3D-printed materials. Another growing trend is airlines using parts made by rapid prototyping services. Like many business industries, airlines are always searching for ways to save money to make their products and services more affordable for consumers and profits greater for shareholders. In addition to lower costs, parts made from 3D printers used by airlines are reducing lead times to repair airplanes in need of service and eliminating dependency on out-of-date manufacturing. Helicopter parts are also being manufactured by radio prototyping. While an entire full-size helicopters cannot yet be printed, small-scale remote controlled helicopters are close. It is also possible to print some parts of a full-size helicopter at this time.


The sea is just another place that has captured the attention of rapid prototyping services and enthusiasts. Recently, it became possible to produce a jet speed boat to be made from almost entirely 3D-printed parts, however they are not quite yet up to scale. A remote-operated boat has been developed, however it may be several years before a full-scale model can be printed. For now, people are working hard on developing boats for practical uses and many boat parts can be printed and used. More realistic options currently available through rapid prototyping services include items such as fun products to use at the beach or in the pool, waterproof items to protect electronics, and coolers. Do not forget about the many possibilities for those who enjoy fishing. Also, another rapid prototyping water sector quickly developing interest is in developing 3D-printed submarines for underwater uses such as searching for treasure to, most likely, spying.

Day by day, your life is becoming more in contact with rapid prototyping whether you realize it or not. Soon everyone will encounter parts printed by 3D printers on a daily basis whether it is by land, air, or sea.



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