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Rapid Prototyping with the 3D Doodler Pro


The closer we move towards making 3D printing and rapid prototyping available to the masses at the cheapest possible price, the more feats do the concerned companies perform. Initially though, 3D printers for desktop use were regarded with less importance and had a pretty tough road to becoming legitimate. Independent hobbyists complained about the high prices while experts at industry level were concerned about the quality of printed material that these printers could actually produce. For as long as the rapid prototyping scene has existed, the critics have been skeptical about the purpose of making 3D printers widely available. Many thought that desktop 3D printers would become limited to producing mere plastic ephemera and simple toys for the fancy of hobbyists. This accusation has been quite a tough one to shake off as 3D printers that cost thousands of dollars but have little utility still exist in the market.

Hence, it is not surprising that the 3D printing market has seen a rather slow growth for hobbyists and desktop users. Industrially though, rapid prototyping is of utmost importance and the 3D printing hub is growing rapidly. Even then, companies are determined to provide great 3D printing solutions for the mass market.


Even though the startup company has never really shaken off its image as a glorified toy company, WobbleWorks has some interesting things to offer to 3D printing enthusiasts. They have gotten it just as bad as any other company who are trying to provide rapid prototyping devices for the end users. WobbleWorks began as a Kickstarter project with its line of 3D printing pens. Currently, the company has two main 3D printing pen type products which are both priced fewer than one hundred US dollars. The designs are created by audiences of every age group and these are illustrated by color projects. The 3D pen from WobbleWorks is called the 3Doodler. The ‘Start’ version is priced at forty nine US dollars, which has been fitted with child friendly safety features along with the affordable price.


WobbleWorks has recently launched the updated version of its very popular 3Doodler pen which now enables users to draw using materials such as wood composites and copper. The working principle of the pen is very similar to rapid prototyping devices and 3D printers. It functions like a traditional hot glue gun to give out 3D lines of plastic filament that can be used for drawing in thin air. The material simultaneously solidifies after cooling to form stable, three dimensional structures. Hobbyists interested in rapid prototyping will be immensely benefitted from a handheld device like this.


However, this startup based in New England is going to up its ante with the launch of its latest product, daring to go the entirely opposite route. WobbleWorks took inspiration from independent hobbyists and users who have started to work with the 3Doodler’s existing lines to create amazing things beyond simple plastic trinkets. Therefore, the company is going all-out with a device for professional use, priced at $249 which is going to be targeted at professionals in creative industries ranging from industrial designers to architects. A handheld device that has pro-level efficiency and lets you 3D print your designs on the go is what many architects, designers and professionals have dreamt of. 3Doodler Pro happens to be the potential answer to their prayers.


Even though the core of the new rapid prototyping technology is based on previous models, most features have been upgraded to fit professional standards. The outer shell looks chic, professional and fit for the office with its sleek new shell made up of carbon fiber. This certainly brings in a new level of class compared to their traditional colorful, plastic looking products. A little LCD panel on the pen shows the temperature of the pen which can go up to 482 degree Fahrenheit. This is a massive improvement from its previous, kid safe lines. The heating up happens at the bottom part of the pen, hence the device is obviously not made for children.


This high level of heat could be accomplished due to the addition of some upgraded materials that the company incorporated such as copper, wood, nylon, polycarbonate and bronze composite materials. This enables the device to be much more versatile when it comes to malleability and strength. When it comes to the matter of the wood strands, a lovely smell of sawdust can be experienced when the strand gets melted by the pen. Due to the polycarbonate, one can obtain a material that is able to draw air in better than any of the current product lines that the company has to offer.


According to CEO and co-founder of WobbleWorks Maxwell Bogue, world leading architects inspired the company when they first started their 3Doodler journey back in the year 2013. With plastic solidifying as the artist draws, a quick wave of the pen in the air does the trick. The dream of creating well defined 3D structures in thin air on the go is now a reality with the introduction of new materials like polycarbonate, an excited Bogue added. Indeed, when the initial version of the 3D drawing pen 3Doodler was launched on Kickstarter back in 2013, it attracted funds of around five hundred thousand dollars. It attracted the support of over five thousand backers in a single day. The competitors of this device are catching up soon too. A similar device called the Lix is also a 3D printing pen. It attracted immense amount of crowdfunding, i.e. a fund of around four hundred thousand pounds on Kickstarter.


WobbleWorks created a wide range of models in order to demonstrate the possibilities of the new 3Doodler Pro which included some scale architectural models, lampshades and intricate vase holders.Initially, the 3Doodler Pro is priced at $249 and comes with one hundred strands of materials, portable battery pack and a set of nozzles. It can be ordered from the MoMA Design Store, soon to be hitting stores and websites like the 3Doodler Pro website, Macy’s, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble etc.


The company is hopeful that the new Pro version of 3Doodler will be successful in attracting designers, architects and other design professionals who are interested in creating 3D models, forms and rapid prototyping.







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