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3D printing or Rapid Prototyping continues to bring innovation into the world on many spheres. It has helped progress numerous fields, just to name a few, industries such as the aeronautic, medical and entertainment fields, schools, and chiefly the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry has been affected and altered greatly (mostly in unprecedented ways). The design and development of products will never be the same after the advent of 3D printing.


The design and development of products is no easy task but Rapid Prototyping is helping ease the problem. One of the critical issues facing product designers today is not being able to show potential customers how the finished product will actually look. Even though with 3D CAD technology you can show the design through the use of digital models, it’s not quite as effective as the real deal. This is where Rapid Prototyping services come in for engineering designers and manufacturers. It’s fast and precise system of producing prototypes is nearly unparalleled. Being able to make prototypes in mere hours will lead to more exactness in the design of the product.


Here are some great benefits for the design and development sector to consider when looking into Rapid Prototyping services.

  1. Since products can be made in a fraction of the time as compared to older methods, designers can now touch and feel their product as they work on improving its overall quality. They no longer have to assume it will work out based on computer images. Any new adjustments can be tried and brought forward for the final product. The proof of the quality of the product is also there for clients to see.
  2. Once the client can actually see the product, he or she may ask for changes. These changes can now be made instantly. Before the end product is released, the designer can now use feedback directly from the customer on the material product in order to improve it. The end result is that both the designer and customer are more satisfied, not to mention less time is wasted in the process of meeting deadlines. As an added bonus, the specific needs of the market are also discovered. Researchers and marketers alike can use the data to help them in their fields. This information helps in the future development of products, which are more likely to be competitive and thus sell better. With the constant changing of markets, this factor is huge.
  3. Time and costs are saved in the developmental sector with the use of Rapid Prototyping. The need to develop patterns and special tools can be removed altogether. The exact same CAD software can be used to produce a variety of shapes. Other methods tend to leave a large amount of waste but with Rapid Prototyping the waste is at a minimum level since only the parts that are needed are being printed.
  4. Customizing designs is probably the most progressive benefit of Rapid Prototyping. As mentioned earlier, prototypes can be made in mere hours so every detail can be observed and felt, in order to see whether or not the product is perfectly tailored for its customer. No new processes or tools are needed to bring forth these changes. A simple change in the CAD model is all that is needed. This creates a personal experience for the customer with the product they are buying, thereby leading to greater approval of the product by the customer. The boxes for marketing are checked off one by one.
  5. One other key factor is precision. Having a prototype to examine in person helps designers find any potential flaws with greater precision than before. The materials printed out are similar in strength to the actual product so tests can be performed to check the endurance of the product with ease. We see in many cases how a car is released with damaged brakes. Or a phone is released with a damaged battery. Rapid Prototyping can help to reduce such fatal errors as designers and engineers can thoroughly check the product before the product goes in for mass production.


This is just a short list of some of the more important benefits gained from this technology. There are many other benefits of course such as the switch to 3D printing or rapid prototyping being a profitable decision for any company that is looking to build its way up in the market. The use of 3D printing technology can also help speed up the manufacturing industry drastically and its use is already being encouraged.


Rapid Prototyping has the potential to bring us into the stage of human progress unlike anything we’ve seen before. When we see futuristic cities in movies they seem like far off dreams but it is a dream which can be brought to reality and 3D printing will play a massive role in helping realize this dream. Through the use of 3D printing, companies have started and will continue to manufacture products at record speeds. Designers will feel more artistically free as they can meddle with physical prototypes, adding changes to even the slightest of details. The masses of people will imagine and print their own unique designs at home. The innovative possibilities of any given society will burst wide open leading to a brighter, scientifically advanced environment for future generations to come.


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