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Singapore’s Rapid Prototyping Studio

Singapore- A Fast Paced Nation

Singapore is a small country in South Asia that has developed quite rapidly in the past decade or so. The world has seen Singapore revolutionize itself at paramount levels within a short time span, leaving most people in awe! The nation has advanced not only economically, but also in its infrastructure, education sector, and technological sectors as well. Technology shows a new side in Singapore as 3D printing or rapid prototyping becomes a new norm in the country. Just as they have done with most other aspects of the country, Singapore decided to take 3D printing to a new level by creating a studio meant exclusively for 3D printing! Visitors of the studio will find that the studio has much to offer.

3D Printing Studio Right in the Heart of Singapore

The 3D printing studio is situated in the core of Singapore! The studio contains the newest 3D software, 3D scanners, and 3D printers, allowing consumers the opportunity to turn their concepts, designs, and models into physical items. This may come as a surprise to many but this is slowly being experienced by consumers of all backgrounds. There are various amounts of 3D filaments and machines that consumers can choose to test out for themselves, in addition to training classes and sessions that consumers may opt to participate in in order to get a gist of how 3D technology actually functions.

rapid prototyping singapore

The Services Available

The studio has a wide range of rapid prototyping services accessible for those with ready 3D files. A variety of 3D printing processes and distinctive materials are obtainable, and the studio’s team is always ready to help consumers choose the right method in order to meet their diverse needs. The 3D modeling and designing service helps consumers whether they have a planned drawing, a physical part for modification or a napkin sketch, the design team is constantly seeking to assist consumers in turning their concepts into a digital model which is ready for 3D Printing. The team can create 3D models from 2D drawings, scans, PDF, sculpting or sketches. The CAD engineers endeavor to create accurate dimensional 3D models, making the team ready for bigger challenges as and when needed. The 3D scanning service allows consumers to replicate or tweak an object. A digital copy that is ready for printing can be easily facilitated by the experienced team working at the studio. Once done, the 3D scan file is handed over to the consumer so that they can avoid losing their object in the future.

The studio isn’t just about selling 3D printing technology. After realizing that many people are eager to learn more about the world of 3D printing and rapid prototyping, the studio decided that classes had to be introduced in order to educate interested minds. In line with this, there are classes held for those who wish to learn more about 3D printing. The class levels vary, from beginner levels to intermediate. The studio offers a whole range of classes and workshops catered for keen individuals. These classes help to not only market the 3D printing sector but also help to clarify any confusions or doubts consumers may have regarding the authenticity of the whole 3D printing process.

Regular sessions for beginners, intermediate level learners, or specifically custom made 3D printing sessions and workshops guarantee to teach students about the 3D world of rapid prototyping and design. Rapid prototyping includes 3D modeling, 3D scanning, 3D printing and much more. After getting a taste of these classes, interested individuals may even choose to make a career path from their newfound talents. Upon joining the classes many are unaware that they have a knack for design. They are often amazed to find out just how far their ideas can be taken with the help of 3D printing. The classes are all held at the studio in order to ensure the latest technology can be utilized during the sessions. Interested candidates need to feel the interactive nature of rapid prototyping in order to understand the level at which this process can bring their ideas.

In addition to all the above, the 3D printing studio in Singapore also has a range of 3D equipment available for purchase for its valuable consumers. The list of available materials include, but is not limited to: 3D pens, 3D scanners, 3D printers, kapton tapes or 3M scotch blue tape meant for 3D printers, 3M polycarbonet sheets, BuildTak, XTC-3D smooth on, 3D filaments and many other items. These items come in great use for rapid prototyping services.

Not only are classes and 3D printing equipment available for purchase, 3D printers can also be rented out from the studio for the consumers’ convenience. Renting prices are reasonable, allowing users the flexibility of using 3D printing material as and when necessary without having to purchase printers that may take up space and create unnecessary hassle at a home or office setting.

The studio has helped to open up a new world where visitors, users and consumers alike can witness for themselves what 3D printing and rapid prototyping services are all about. As tourists and locals storm the studio, it is evident that its future is bright.



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