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Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping Services

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3E Rapid Prototyping Limited is a major rapid prototyping services company based in China, providing a comprehensive range of rapid prototyping services and additive manufacturing services, offering solutions to a wide range of project types in many varied industries. 3E Rapid Prototyping offers effective solutions to meet all of your rapid prototype company, custom CNC machining and additive manufacturing needs, bringing your products from concept all the way through production.

Our strategic location in China’s manufacturing hub gives us the competitive advantage for any project requiring rapid prototyping services: CNC machining, vacuum casting, model finishing, injection molding,rapid prototype company and sheet metal prototype forming.

You can hire the right prototyping company that meets all your needs. You can utilize the rapid prototyping services that bring the complete product to you. It is the common technology used for the product design. With the help of the technology, you can fabricate the material quickly. It is a useful technique that many industries use this. It enables the designer to easily identify the flaws present in the design with the support of the traditional visual visualization.


Rapid Prototyping Company


Additionally, we have spent several years working with overseas customers which has enabled us to establish an effective project management and quality control system. Hence, we can complete projects in a timely manner and at competitive prices with applying the highest standards of workmanship available among rapid prototyping services companies. Please contact us to learn more about our high quality rapid prototyping services.


In the designing phase, the designer faces many issues while designing the product.  They keep up the right technology for designing the new one. Some company offering a wide range of services to the people for their project.

You can understand the design and concept through the computerized three dimensional model. The designer can make the necessary changes required for the design before sending to the client. You can get an approval of the whole product with the authorized resource. The prototyping technique allows the designer to change the design of the product consistently. it can be done in a technical way and don’t follow the other tool. You can develop the competitive product that delivered into the market.

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3D Printing rapid prototype company
Precision CNC Machining
3D Printing rapid prototype company
CNC Machining & Prototyping
CNC machining is the best option to get prototypes done in real material.
3D Printing rapid prototype company
Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing
3D printing is most economic way to create complex components with short lead time.
3D Printing rapid prototype company
RTV – Vacuum Casting
The most economic way of producing plastic components which request 10-50 pieces
3D Printing rapid prototype company
Rapid Tooling
Test the parts with real material, and much lower price
3D Printing rapid prototype company
Aluminum Extrusion
Low volume extrusion for functional testing, and pre-serial production
Clients Include
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3D Printing rapid prototype company
3ERP has extensive experience in lighting manufacturing & made numerous lighting prototypes for several top automotive companies.
3D Printing rapid prototype company
Compared with SLS, DMLS, FDM or other 3D printing technologies, it is much easier to obtain different surface characteristics on CNC Milling. More material options are available.
3D Printing rapid prototype company
If optical components processing, dimensional accuracy and surface quality are critical to achieve optimal performance. We achieve this by having a minimum cutting radius of 0.1 mm, the most accurate CNC milling machines.