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Welcome to 3E Rapid Prototyping (China) Limited.

3E is one of China's top Rapid Prototyping (RP) companies. We offer prototyping services of Western standard, thanks to highly experienced staff and the very latest in technology on our workshop floors.  At 3E we stand for Excellent Quality, Efficient Service and Economy of Solution.

3ERP is a medium-size firm, with a portfolio of 22 CNC milling machines, 6 CNC turning machines, and 4 EDM machines. Our staff includes more than 50 model makers working in three shifts to ensure prompt delivery of every project, regardless of order size. Overseeing our staff and handling your projects are a dedicated team of production managers, each with more than 5 years of industry experience.

As well as rapid prototyping and rapid tooling, we offer low volume die-casting, aluminium extrusion and sheet metal forming.

Let 3ERP be your one-stop provider at every step of your product cycle. Whether you are in product development, pre-series, or series production - 3ERP can satisfy your needs with the highest standards of quality. When you place an order with 3ERP, we guarantee you lighting-fast turnaround and unmatched product quality.

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Case Studies

CNC Acrylic PMMA Prototyping
This a light guide we manufactured for one of the major automotive production groups in 2012. We used high speed CNC milling to machine it from a solid PMMA block and polished it afterwards. We then tested the light guide using an LED light to ensure the waves feature would work properly. The final light guides were absolutely even, without a single defect. The client was more than happy about the part. 
Gear Shift Project
When you order from us, we assume you want a flawless-looking part. This CNC milled shift lever prototype is an excellent example of our approach. The assembly consists of three parts: a black-painted ABS plastic base, a chromed ABS o-ring, and a lens of polished PMMA silkscreened on the reverse side. Contact 3ERP today to see your design transformed into a real product and appreciate our exceptional standards of quality.


Q: How to start a project?
A:  To get your project started, send us the design drawings and a list of materials, quantities, and finishes. Within 24 hours, our PM will get you a quote. With respect to file types, we accept all kinds of formats for quotations. When it comes time to production, we prefer IGES, STEP, Parasolid, Solidworks, Pro/E or UG files. 
Q: What's the advantage of working with 3ERP?
A: We're quality-focused, very flexible, and highly experienced. We'll make sure your project is a success.

Q: How can I pay for your company?
A: At the moment, we can only accept payment via T/T.

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