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Reliable Rapid Prototyping Services From China

3E Rapid Prototyping Limited is a major prototyping company based in China, providing a comprehensive range of rapid prototyping and manufacturing processes, offering solutions to a wide range of project types in many varied industries. 3ERP offers effective solutions to meet all of your rapid prototyping and manufacturing needs, bringing your products from concept all the way through production.   Our strategic location in China’s manufacturing hub gives us the competitive advantage for any project requiring CNC machining, vacuum casting, model finishing or sheet metal prototype forming. Several years working with overseas customers has enabled us to establish an effective project management and quality control system. This means we can complete projects in a timely manner with applying the highest standards of workmanship available among rapid prototyping companies.

3D Printing rapid prototype companyRapid Prototype Services

3E is one of China’s top Rapid Prototyping (RP) companies. We offer prototyping services of Western standard, thanks to highly experienced staff and the very latest in technology on our workshop floors. At 3E we stand for Excellent Quality, Efficient Service and Economy of Solution.

3ERP is a medium-size firm, with CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, EDM machines and grinding machines in house. Our staff includes more than 50 model makers working in three shifts to ensure prompt delivery of every project, regardless of order size. Overseeing our staff and handling your projects are a dedicated team of production managers, each with more than 5 years of industry experience.


3D Printing rapid prototype company
Additive Manufacturing
3D printing is most economic way to create complex components with short lead time.
3D Printing rapid prototype company
CNC Prototyping
CNC machining is the best option to get prototypes done in real material.
3D Printing rapid prototype company
RTV – Vacuum Casting
The most economic way of producing plastic components which request 10-50 pieces
3D Printing rapid prototype company
Rapid Tooling
Test the parts with real material, and much lower price
3D Printing rapid prototype company
Surface Finishing
We provide polishing, painting, silk-screen, pad printing, anodized, chrome, and so on
3D Printing rapid prototype company
Pressure Die Casting
Pressure die casting is a quick, cost-effective and reliable manufacturing process
3D Printing rapid prototype company
Sheet Metal Prototyping
Sheet metal forming describes the forming of thin sheets of metal by applying pressure through male or female dies or both. Parts formed of sheet metal have such varied parameters that it is sometimes complicated to categorize them. Sheet metal forming processes include laser cutting, waterjet cutting, roll forming, deep drawing, stretching, flanging, embossing and spinning. In nearly all of these procedures there are not any planned major changes in the thickness of the sheet metal. Sheet metal designs may feature welds and threads (depending on thickness.)
3D Printing rapid prototype company
Aluminum Extrusion
Low volume extrusion for functional testing, and pre-serial production
3D Printing rapid prototype companyCase Studies
3D Printing rapid prototype company
3ERP has extensive experience in lighting component fabrication, having delivered numerous stunning lighting prototypes for several of the world's leading automotive styling houses.
3D Printing rapid prototype company
Compared with SLS, DMLS, FDM or other 3D Printing technologies, it is much easier to get different surface finish on CNC milling parts. More material options are available.
3D Printing rapid prototype company
When processing optical components, dimensional accuracy and surface quality are critical to achieving optimal performance. We accomplish this by using the most accurate CNC milling machines with a minimum cutter radius of 0.1mm.