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3D Printing Boldly Shaping Fashion


3D Printing and rapid prototyping were utilized during 1980s but the Modern era has successfully used the power of this advanced technology with the help of unique software to bring 3D printing into numerous industries and trades. 3D printing works best on hard materials and geometric shapes, and this is why it creates fun results on jewelry, eyewear, watches, and even dresses.

Nowadays it is very noticeable that people across the globe like to wear designer dresses, jewelry as well as shoes and the internet has helped spread these products from New York to Shanghai. The use of rapid prototyping for fashion has received so much attention because people are getting attracted towards clothes which have a 3D effect. It is not only eye-catching but gives a gorgeous appearance to a figure. Furthermore, famous runway models are happy to promote dresses with this 3D printing effect which only helps to increase demand.


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The use of “3D Printing” by the top as well as trendy fashion houses has helped them gain a lot of high level PR. All of the developed Garment Factories are focused on the different uses of 3D printing effects. Dresses with high embroidery or heavy works are less prioritized among the renowned fashion houses due to this trend at the moment.


3D Printing has not only been trendy in dresses these days, but also women’s bags, shoes, jewelry, etc. Various other materials have selected rapid prototyping to emerge in other business sectors. If we talk about jewelry, then technology has reached so far that 3D effects are almost available in a vast array of jewelry. Jewelry with a light stone 3D effect on a necklace, bracelet, and ring creates a high impression and gorgeous look that attracts many women in today’s market. Nowadays, the online markets offer stunning jewelry collections with reasonable prices. This has tremendously helped to spread more affordable jewelry to consumers who might not have been able to purchase certain pieces years ago.



As most women and even men will agree, women simply love their handbags. Now, the technology and developed industries or farms have come up with unique design bags at a reasonable price. Here also, the use of 3D printing got the appreciation from people, especially the ladies. Bags are now very trendy and people like to match their bags with their clothes. 3D Printed bags are highly sought after now with actresses and models. These bags are even popular with corporate female workers who are attracted to the look and unique qualities.


Since the dawn of fashion, shoes and eyewear have been fashion staples across the globe. Contact lenses have the effect of 3D which is very trendy and desirable towards almost everyone who prefers to look dazzling. Shoes look more glamorous and glossy with a 3D effect. Nowadays, women match their wearing from top to bottom. For instance, black shoes are always preferable with a black fashionable dress and a classy bag. Even a finger ring looks marvelous with 3D effect. This look and appeal funny enough has reached people of all ages. The 3D effect, not only fulfills the purpose of wearing something attractive, but also holds a lot of importance among children, along with completely serving the purpose of fashion for an adult. The technology has reached in an advance level and in future the demand of 3D effect will increase rapidly. The uniqueness of the product and the skill that is needed to give the effect in a material, both are remarkable. Not only in the western world, but other parts of the world have been touched by this trend. These 3D designs have a traditional vibe, along with a hint of uniqueness. Since 3D designs are already doing so well in the market, it is safe to assume a big escalation of the demand of these products among customers and the markets will take place.


The use of 3D printing can help an engineer or manufacturer finish their task within hours these days. Rapid prototyping & 3D printing uses less material which is a nice eco-friendly benefit. However, it is not an easy task for everyone to formulate these items by using this high technology. Highly trained workers are needed all the time who can take the high load or pressure of work to prepare the materials. It is not like quite so simple to make a bracelet, rather it takes hard work to think about the design and to prepare the object accordingly. High technological support is always needed to give the 3D effect on the objects.

Sometimes, it is easy to find similar products aka knockoffs at an enormous discount in local shops or online. As most of us know, it is not impossible to prepare a replica of a high 3D quality product that looks virtually identical to the original and hard to differentiate. This is just another reason why the use of 3D printing is highly present in fashion and other products.



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