3d Printing Technologies: Growth Opportunities for CAD Sector

It would be fair to assume that the current advancements in rapid prototyping and 3d printing are largely due to the kind of software designs that are made. Without CAD software, 3d printing would not have been at a place like this. It has been an indispensable part of the industry to such an extent that one might even think that CAD software was designed specifically for the 3d printers of today. Of course, CAD software has been extensively used by various industries and engineering sectors, hence they have been around for a while now. Now that the 3d printing market relies heavily on CAD and simulation software, there are indeed many opportunities. The industry is now easily one of the largest markets with the greatest potential of growth for CAD software developers.

The Categories

For rapid prototyping and 3d printing, there is a wide range of commonly used 3d modeling software in the market today. The three main categories for this type of software and the tools of each category are able to generate 3d models that can be printed out. However, the method of generating the inputs is different. The three types are as follows-

Recent Findings

As found from a recent survey conducted on the trends of CAD software worldwide, there remains huge potential for growth for developers making CAD software. The survey was conducted by Business Advantage Group, which is a B2B specialist in market research. The area of focus of this company is mainly telecom, IT and software industries; covering the trends of around a hundred countries all over the world.

According to their CAD Trends Survey report released worldwide this year, they have had some really interesting findings. They have also included some predictions for the future of the industry for the next five years. The report was targeted towards professionals in the field of management, design and engineering. It was designed in order to assist the users of CAE, CAD, PDM, CAM, PLM and various software companies with regard to their planning for this year and for the future. Tracking the major opportunities and trends of the CAD market was the main goal of the survey, and this happens to be their third annual report on the CAD industry.

For any business, planning ahead is a crucial part of attaining the business goals of the company. The survey saw the current and future trends of usage as well as importance of fifteen topics that are relevant to CAD. The following insights were revealed accordingly-

The report brings out many important aspects of more than just rapid prototyping and 3d printing. More than six hundred professionals from around the globe took part in the survey. The report focuses on total fifteen trends, including 3d printing. However, out of those fifteen sectors they have placed 3d printing in a top tier among those industries that have very strong potential of growth.

The report also has a lot of valuable information regarding the complete picture of the CAD market. Some of the findings include data on region and country; along with various brand names. The analysts believe in the contribution of PLM, CAM, PDM, CAE, and of course, CAD software to the overall productivity and growth of various industries. They happen to be of vital importance and arouse much interest to business enthusiasts worldwide. However, one point is very clear- 3d printing today is easily a crucial part of the CAD market and also the future of these types of software.





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