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3D Printing & The Future of Education



3D Printing- A Growing Trail


The use of 3D printing or rapid prototyping has become more and more of a norm in all markets across the globe. From technology products, gadgets, home products, clothing, to other much needed essentials and non-essentials, 3D printing has been welcomed and accepted by millions. Among other benefits, rapid prototyping creates for its end users an improved and more refined quality image for objects that are created digitally. This method confirms the competence and overall finer end result of an object, or a portion of the design, before the product is actually produced in bulk. For many this may sound new and innovative. Others may label it harmful, as a lot of technology has proven to be. New and innovative, is all that it is. However, it is not something that should be feared or termed as harmful just yet as for this form of printing, the amount of benefits far surpasses the downfalls. 3D printing has its own positives and negatives that can be explored by interested end users, based on their area of expertise or preference.


Education- the Way Forward

Education is the building block of a nation, a country and in essence the world. The world of education is a world we all need to be a part of. For without education, the world would never have come as far as it has. Through education, civilizations have progressed and brought forth ideas, changes, developments, advancements and much more, for not only their families and communities but the global population at large. New and innovative methods of educating both the young and older generations are constantly being formulated and suggested, which is wonderful to say the least. Just think how far we have come in the past century due to education, learning and innovative breakthroughs.



3D Printing’s Impact on Education

How can 3D printing impact the future of education? The answer to this question can be answered on many fronts and is heavily contingent on which school is educational as well as the different fields of education that exist in these institutions. To understand how 3D printing can influence the future of education, we must first look at the current impact of 3D printing on education.


Presently, there are just over 100 million students who dream of becoming engineers, astrophysicists, scientists, astronauts, inventors and so much more. Many of these students may even be dreaming of getting Earth’s inhabitants shifted to another planet such as Mars! However, for over 100 million of these students, the dreams will simply remain dreams. They do not have the finances or the quality education necessary to become what they dream of. However, those who are fortunate enough to attend proper schools and receive quality education can experience for themselves the benefits and the impact of 3D printing.


Many schools, colleges and universities alike are ascertained to be centers of innovation and creativity, where many students are given platforms to experiment, learn practical skills and build on their enthusiasm. This is excellent as it provides room for students to explore technologies such as 3D printing. 3D printing is not simply a stimulus that can help improve and better the lives of privileged children and able adults who are under the education belt. Rather, there is a growing amount of positive feedback on how the main driver behind the wheels of development and innovation in the 3D printing industry can be attributed to the education system itself.


The following are some ways in which 3D printing or rapid prototyping along with education is changing the globe hand in hand:


A really nice example of how universities and local schools are collaborating together is in Boston is called NuVu, where MIT and local high schools are teaming up. MIT hosts students from these local schools and provides hands on lessons about this technology while incorporating it into their science education.




















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