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Under Armour’s Center for 3D Printing

Under Armour, a sportswear brand based in Baltimore has unveiled its latest venture- ‘The Lighthouse’. In this state of the art, high tech innovation and design center the company is using 3D imaging in order to design athletes’ sportswear, printing out 3D shoes and rapid prototyping sports gear for better performance. The company states that this venture was unveiled on the occasion of Under Armour’s twenty successful years in business. The company is more committed than they have ever been to staying ahead of the pack, creating better products with the cutting edge technologies for athletes all over the world.


According to Co-Founder and CEO of Under Armour Kevin Plank, UA Lighthouse will be a one stop location for technologies, incredible machinery and sourcing of materials under one roof. This will enable the company immediate manufacturing and rapid prototyping in order to respond quickly to the needs of the athletes in the local community. Plank hopes that Lighthouse will help Under Armour make faster, better and more efficient products while working closely with their factory and manufacturing partners worldwide.


A Space for Makers and Designers


under armour rapid prototyping center


Acting as a platform for makers and designers to come together and develop unique products, UA Lighthouse will help develop the best possible practices for how products are manufactured in terms of quality, cost and speed. It reduces or even eliminates the need to outsource their rapid prototyping, rather the company can rapid prototype their products in house. Both partners and employees will have access to state of the art machinery and technology. The technology services they have to offer are as follows-



Inside Lighthouse

Taking a peek inside this much talked about facility by Under Armour, an array of futuristic machinery is seen. Workers were seen working at top speed wearing white lab coats and some UA shoes that are not yet available in the market. The design space has been set up into various sections, each having unique tools for rapid prototyping and 3D printing. The various partners of the innovation center include Epson, The Dow Chemical Company and many other celebrated names of 3D printing industry. There is a unique space known as ‘The Foundry’ which specifically caters for local entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs can set up their business, having provided a place to innovate, learn and build along with Under Armour.


The company has hence the opportunity for revolutionizing what lies beyond the industry and the methods in which products are made, in order to bring it to the hands of the customer faster. The technology being brought to UA through their Lighthouse Innovation Center is unlike anything the company has ever done before, according to UA officials. Lighthouse Innovation Center is about to create jobs that are ultimately going to be on local for local all over the world to develop a product that consumers have never seen or experienced before. According to Kevin Haley, the president of product and innovation investor day, if one walks into a modern production facility it does not feel very modern, rather it feels antiquated. However, the opportunities exist in real time, not in the future to be doing it better.


The Under Armour Lighthouse boasts an area of thirty five thousand square feet, a leadership center for advancement of manufacturing processes and state of the art design to aid in production of apparel and footwear. This goes fully in line with the mission of the brand- “to make all athletes better”. This will be accomplished through the rapid prototyping and 3D printing services being provided by the innovation center. The UA Lighthouse is staffed by a team of professionals who work in close collaboration with the many world renowned partners of UA. Together, they bring together technologies, collaborate, integrate as well as create new ones that help the industry advance forward, empowering celebrated athletes with superior performing products.






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