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Sizan: The 3D Printing Rising Star of Iran

The success stories of rapid prototyping and 3D printing are always received with much enthusiasm, but only the ones in either the West or China. However, the Middle East too is undergoing a quiet revolution when it comes to providing rapid prototyping services to some eminent clientele all over the world. One of the recent innovations of rapid prototyping in the Middle East has to be the 3D printed ‘office of the future’ in the UAE. The authorities are even dreaming of making twenty five percent of the buildings in UAE 3D printed by the year 2030. However, Iran has been very much absent from the rapid prototyping scene until recently.


It is revolutionary to see that 3D printing is emerging in a nation where it has been pretty much absent. Recently though, it is apparent that the world will see more of this technology in Iran. A new division has been launched by the country to the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, which will be dedicated to developing advanced manufacturing technologies.
The department, known as the Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Technologies Development, came to the attention of the world with an announcement that Iran was to take a major step to protect, preserve and restore historic monuments with the help of 3D printing, scanning and rapid prototyping. This is great news because it is a telltale sign of rapid prototyping services to see major growth in Iran. The center of rapid prototyping and 3D printing in the country currently is Sizan Company. They happen to be the manufacturers of the very first 3D printers of the country. Operational for three years, the company has been producing a wide range of products such as printers, scanners and other accessories for 3D printing. They also proudly hold the honor of opening the first ever 3D printing service bureau in the country.
Like other promising and leading rapid prototyping companies, Sizan believes that their success and growth is largely due to their young talent. The company boasts a team of young, enthusiastic engineers who have put a great deal of knowledge, time and effort into development and research of Sizan’s comprehensive line of products, including their DLP and FDM technologies for industrial and personal users.
Farzane Nikfard from Sizan has great hopes for the company, stating that the company happens to be the first ever manufacturer of 3D printers. This is a vanguard in a nation among third world countries. The knowledge based certification obtained by Sizan in this field is of great value. They have been producing 3D printers for the past three years, by dint of which their technical team consisting of young engineers have succeeded to produce a wide range of products. They have produced not just 3D printers, but raw materials for rapid prototyping, 3D scanners and other related technologies. Their printers come in different designs and sizes for both personal and industrial purposes. The two main technologies that they employ are DLP and FDM, upon which most of their products work. Sizan Company also happens to be quite self sufficient, producing the latest in rapid prototyping such as PLA and ABS filament material.
Sizan’s impressive range of products that are currently in development as well as in the market includes the Sizan 2 Plus 3D printer. This printer has the largest build in the country at 40x40x40 cm. Other printers include the Sizan Lite, Sizan 2L, Sizan 2, Sizan 2 dual 3D printer and the dual extruder offering, which are all FDM printers. They also have great DLP printers such as the Aroosha 1 and 2. These are special printers for dental applications, rapid prototyping, jewelry casting and many more purposes.
Sizan also has a great 3D scanner called Bina, a line of ABS and PLA filament etc. Sizan is a company that has knowledge based certification by dint of which they are in fact dominating the rapid prototyping scene of Iran. Their clients include some of the top research centers, industrial establishments and the country’s top universities. Manufacturing and selling 3D printers for both businesses and individuals, most of Iran’s top scientific centers and universities rely on Sizan’s products. Solely for the convenience of the customers, one of the branches of Sizan focuses only on printing and designing client orders. The company proudly announced that theirs is the first ever online 3D printing service in Iran. This center of Sizan Company has some of the best FDM 3D printers in the facility, according to Nikfard.
The chief priority of Sizan in terms of their rapid prototyping services happens to be quality assurance. A large collection of the parts that the company has produced shows not only high quality, but great variety too- ranging from intricately made statues, figurines, prosthetics and tools to automobile parts. Sizan also has a unique marketplace that hosts user created printable items for sale which can be downloaded as CAD files for 3D printing. The categories they host include kitchen items, home décor, tools, architectural models, fashion and toys. Sizan has accomplished a lot for a company that has only been in business for three years.
Sizan as a company was quick to establish themselves in a leading position in the emerging rapid prototyping and 3D printing scene in Iran, having impact in art, medicine, education, scientific research, automobiles and many other fields.



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