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There is absolutely no doubt that rapid prototyping is successfully making a significant impact on almost all industries. Regardless of what sort of industry a company operates in, they will no doubt find themselves confronted with 3D printing technology. No matter how much people try to avoid it, they would still find themselves getting entangled in it, but that’s a good thing.


While it is definitely true that 3D printing is more widely applied in technical industries, some products are targeted towards our young students as well. This is usually done during the summer holidays, when students are busy enjoying the sun and the outdoors. However, when the new term rolls around, they start to think about all the additional workload and study pressure that they will have to undertake, yet again. The thought of all this would be enough for them to throw their hands up in the air and give up on school. On the other hand, this would seem like a pretty exciting time for the parents and teachers. It is during this time that they find the perfect opportunity to come up with new and interesting ideas. Thanks to the advancements in technology, they were successful in developing new and addictive products and activities. One of them, which would be included in this category, would be rapid prototyping educational toys. These are the ones which are specifically designed for the students.


Kideville by Kidesign


For the parents and teachers, the end of a school term would mean that they have to undertake preparation for the next one. During this time, they would have to come up with all sorts of new ideas. That is where rapid prototyping services can come to the rescue. As the new school term rolls around, you can find almost all the industries beginning to design their marketing campaigns for educational products. They would give sales promotions and many other sorts of promotional offers. Amongst all this, it would be very easy to find the 3D industry taking part as well. Thanks to the company, Kidesign, and their renowned game, Kideville, it has managed to change the whole game. Compared to conventional kids’ games, this is completely the opposite. This is because the kids are given a 3D model of an entire city and asked to take upon the role of project management. Therefore, it would be pretty safe to assume that this game would be both addictive and mind-boggling. Students can spend hours on end trying to figure out how to derive the best solution. This game is truly great from an educational perspective as it incorporates math, design and scientific skills.


kidesign game


Even though the game Kideville has been around for quite some time, some minor changes have been made for the upcoming school year. In addition, one of the best parts is that students are able to enjoy this at a discounted price. Also, this kit is available in their online store at only 199 pounds (approx $300).


On the other hand, the starter kit could easily be used by 12 students. They can find the following things:

  1. A Kideville ocean board, which measures 70 cm x 50 cm
  2. A teacher’s handbook
  3. 14 lesson plans which outlines a project for the long term
  4. More than 20 instructional lesson videos
  5. Digital pack with a 3D CAD project file included
  6. 12 student packs which include brief cards uniquely illustrated for health and safety, community, infrastructure, and culture.



Aside from the starter park, students can enjoy the enlarged pack which is designed specifically to accommodate 36 students. Termed more commonly as the extended pack, one would have to pay an additional 25 pounds. Some features included in this pack would be as follows:

  1. 3 brief cards uniquely illustrated
  2. 12 island tiles (3 houses and 9 hexagons)
  3. 3 project portfolios of 50 pages.



Why Kideville?


Amongst the many different 3D printing projects available in the market, one would ask – “Why Kideville?” It’s one of a few rapid prototyping products which has an appeal for all age groups. When a parent wants to determine the credibility of a school, they would look at how well the school’s curriculum had been designed. This would also be one of the main aims of the teacher as an individual. On the other hand, the students would also like to be involved in something which is both engaging and informative. That is exactly what Kideville aims to deliver. The design of this rapid prototyping project has been done in such a way that all groups would be extremely satisfied and can work together as a team. At the end of the day, the students would learn something more than basic textbook knowledge. In addition, they would also look forward to visiting school (hopefully of course!) and taking part in it. This, in turn, could help them to develop a greater understanding of what goes on in the outside world.






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