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Rapid Prototyping a 3D Printed Village in Italy


Fans of rapid prototyping and 3D printing, or those who are interested in what goes around in this happening scene are in for some great news. Apparently, the first ever 3D printed village in the world is being constructed. One might wonder as to how such a massive project is going to be executed with nothing but 3D printers and ink; however, it is quite obvious that the project will happen one house at a time. The location of the project is at the village of Shamballa, Italy due to the efforts of a team from WASP, collaborating with the Massa Lombarda, Ravenna municipality. This project will host a series of many firsts and will be a massive feat for the rapid prototyping industry.


The world’s first 3D printed village will be printed out house by house with the help of the BigDelta. This happens to be the world’s largest 3D printer in the delta style, whose height is around twelve meters or thirty nine feet. This printer will be responsible for most of the work that goes around at Shamballa. This giant printer is a fascinating machine itself; plus now that it is constructing the first ever 3D printed village, its appeal has increased manifold in the international community.


The WASP team is going all out to show the world that it is indeed possible to self produce, showcasing the ability to print out your own dream village. The WASP team is building a technology themed village, which is being built at an area demarcated as a ‘green zone’ by the municipality of Massa Lombarda. This is happening in full support of Cooperazione Road. For this reason, Shamballa is envisioned as a village that consumes less energy and is environment friendly. WASP officials state that this move will truly put the municipality of Massa Lombarda on the map- making it an important technological experimentation center that focuses of rapid prototyping and 3D printing.


The namesake of the technological village, Shamballa is from the mythical place of the same name. It is a symbolic city of tranquility, happiness and peace. This city has been quoted in various cultural contexts for its technical advancement and spirituality, according to WASP. Food, accommodation, employment, wellness and health are the basic necessities for a human being. Shamballa will provide its dwellers exactly these in an aesthetically pleasing and environment friendly manner.


Shamballa will host 3D printed houses and vertically placed vegetable patches of various sizes. The village will also house a laboratory that can have a compact desktop 3D printer. This printer would be used for making objects like ceramics, furniture, jewelry and biomedical equipment. Thanks to the collaboration with certain artists, Shamballa is both a technological as well as cultural project.


Not only is Shamballa a green area, technology based village, eco friendly etc. but one of the main focuses of the project is also it’s do it yourself nature. The DIY concept is heavily emphasized and is being implemented as you read this post. The WASP team is working without break throughout the week, utilizing their weekends in planning and brainstorming. They are in fact, inviting all hobbyists and makers interested in rapid prototyping and 3D printing to help them print the first 3D printed house in Shamballa. This will be a groundbreaking project in a sense that they are going to make history nationwide for making this unique structure, that too with locally sourced materials. The house will be made out of a mixture of straw and terrain, which is going to be strong and light. It will be knead with a motor hoe and a machine mixer.


According to the officials, the working principle is in fact quite simple- they simply find the best solution for every problem they encounter on the go. They are learning more from every situation to manage both big and small problems. Trying to solve these problems is helping them gain valuable experience. Till they print their first ever habitable model, the company has decided to continue to print as the tests they carried out seem impressive.


There is going to be a lot of trial and error with such a huge project, hence those working at Shamballa gain experience and report progress. They have so far, built a wall which stands under two feet tall. They are going to bring more equipment as they look forward to interacting with independent makers who are going to help them in their self sufficient village vision at Shamballa. The basic requirements they are aiming for are housing, food, healthcare, employment, art and education.


A great 3D printer called DeltaWASP 3MT is going to be taken to Shamballa very soon, which also offers great savings in construction. This printer prints with pellets, clay and geopolymers which are semi-fluid materials. They are also going to begin building furniture at the village of Shamballa, which started on 23rd July at an open air workshop.




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