Rapid Prototyping: Dates & Venue for ‘Inside 3D Printing’


3D printing and rapid prototyping have been gaining traction as branches of additive manufacturing in both an industrial and small scale level. This is the reason why the recent technology expos have been packed with rapid prototyping exhibits and companies showcasing them. The recent SolidWorks World 2017 was a great success when it came to showcasing innovation in the sector of 3D printing and 3D design. Another such amazing conference dedicated solely to rapid prototyping and 3D printing happens to be the Inside 3D Printing organized by Rising Media. This two day conference is packed with energy and enthusiasm from both the clients and the innovators of the sector as this serves as a platform for the two groups to interact regarding the latest in rapid prototyping.


What to Expect at the New York Event

Around two months ago, the San Diego chapter of Inside 3D Printing was wrapped up and the conference was a great success. However, the organizers are keen on organizing the next conference and expo at New York this time. The dates have been announced as well for the two day conference- March 14 and 15. At Javits Center, New York, experts, enthusiasts and executives will show up for Inside 3D Printing New York.

February will see a lot of releases and details continuing to roll out from the spokespeople of the conference. However, the main sponsor and organizer of the event Rising Media have made a big announcement. The company has spoken of four major tracks for the session of next month. This did not come as a surprise as even though the rapid prototyping sector has been changing and evolving rapidly, the main focus areas and growth sectors remain pretty much the same. Therefore, this year’s conference on rapid prototyping will have the same four tracks as were presented last year- Metal, Manufacturing, Medical and Business.

Even though just four sectors do not seem much, these four areas of interest do encompass a large chunk of the rapid prototyping and 3D printing scene. Hence, attendees who are coming to visit Inside 3D Printing for the first time will most definitely find something that is of interest to their field of work. No matter which track you are a part of, Inside 3D Printing promises that there will be something for everyone’s field of interest.


Ticket Prices and Types

The Track Pass and General Pass

A great way to save up on conference pass in that case would be getting a targeted Track Pass for those who are interested in one or two of the aforementioned rapid prototyping tracks, instead of a regular pass. The Track Pass costs less than a general conference pass, priced at $347 until the 17th of February. This pass gives attendees an option between the tracks. One can opt for either the Manufacturing or Business track exhibits of the second day or the Metal and Medical track of the first day. Attendees coming in with this pass will also have access to all the sessions, the full exhibition hall and the much celebrated Startup Competition that would take place on the first day.


One Day and Two Day Passes

A one day pass is priced at $517 for either date. For full access to all the events on both days, attendees have to pay the price of $797.

Exhibition+ Pass

The prices of the day passes may not be suited to everyone’s budget, so there is an ‘Exhibition+ pass’ that only gives access to the keynote sessions, Startup Competition and exhibition hall for $127.


Exhibition Only Pass

However, the most budget suited price of the exhibition is the ‘Exhibition-only’ pass for just $40. This gives you access to only the exhibition hall, excluding the keynote sessions and the tracks. This has to be reserved beforehand and the price is to be paid upon entry. The early bird pricing comes to an end on February 17. After that, the prices will be increased from $70 to $200 at the door; hence it is best to register now.

Including this year’s event, it will be the fifth year that a show by Inside 3D Printing has been held in New York. Even though the conference has gained traction by now, there will still be something new to witness every time it is held. Organizers promise to release more information regarding the speakers at the various sessions, participants and others. For heavyweight industry names, newcomers as well as clients, the Inside 3D Printing conference will serve as a great platform for interaction and sharing of knowledge. Expect great product releases, amazing exhibits, educative keynote sessions, exciting discussions, press conferences, meet and greet sessions and above all- an environment of festivity and enthusiasm on both days of the conference.








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