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3D printing and rapid prototyping have become huge last year, and this year too we can expect great things from the technology tycoons dealing with these innovations. 3D printer manufacturers are going to new lengths to make rapid prototyping technology accessible to both industrial manufacturers as well as independent hobbyists based at home.


Machines that deliver many services in one are becoming popular among home based users who want to get the best rapid prototyping experience in a small device right on top of their desktops. More heavy duty users in different industries however, would rather have 3D printers that are specialized for the kind of task they want on their factory floor to aid in production. These various needs are kept in mind these days before a new design of 3D printer is approved and marketed for either the general mass or for specialized clients.


dddrop’s Big Move

Dutch rapid prototyping and 3D printer manufacturers dddrop comes with great news before the end of 2016 for the 3D printing scene all over the world. They have recently added a filament detection module to their latest Leader 3D printer line models. This feature was much requested by the customers of the company, and they have added this feature due to immense public demand.


Even though 3D printers which have built in filament detection modules are very useful for rapid prototyping, it is still quite the surprise that this feature is still considered an exception rather than the norm in today’s 3D printers. This kind of devices are preferred by many users of 3D printers due to the fact that they can automatically detect if the 3D printer is out of filament, when the spool has jammed etc.


This prompts the users to refill their 3D printer’s ‘ink’ or filament before they can resume printing, much like today’s 2D printers showing alerts for finished ink. Just like heated print beds, remote monitoring and other such features, filament detection modules too will surely become more commonplace. However, introducing these modules to 3D printers has been a step-by-step process.


This big move was made by dddrop- a Dutch rapid prototyping and 3D printer manufacturing company to introduce filament monitoring modules are integrated features on its products. The company recently announced that its Leader line of 3D printers will be fitted with filament detection modules from now on as a standard for all devices.


The Technology

According to the company, many customers had previously demanded that the company introduce these filament detection modules for a while now; hence they incorporated them in their Leader 3D printers. The staff took the customers’ demand into account and promptly made this feature a top priority for the latest models they were releasing. By dint of this new feature, two situations will be recognized by 3D printers i.e. filament entanglement or jamming of spool and when the printer is out of filament.


This will also put print actions on hold temporarily in order that users can change the filament during the process, keeping the temperature of the printer at operational level. If the problem is not addressed within 24 hours of detection, the print job gets cancelled automatically. This feature enables rapid prototyping users to conserve energy while printing, to recover their unfinished print jobs and not print air in a filament less condition.


Incorporation into Printer Models

One of the printers by dddrop that is getting this feature is the Leader TWIN. Priced at 3,995 Euros, this FDM based rapid prototyping device has a build volume of 320x310x305 mm and two print heads that can function independently. As part of its upgrade to a filament detectable model, this machine will also be given an extra feature that would prove useful.


This feature will automatically switch the printer onto its second nozzle and filament spool if they are available, so that it can resume printing without any supervision of the user. However, this feature only works on the Leader TWIN 3D printer by dddrop. It also happens to be the only 3D printer in the entire range that has dual print heads. The single headed Leader printer is priced at 3,498 Euros.


As a Standalone Device

Those who are a little disheartened at the news of the filament detection modules being only for the Leader 3D printers need not worry. In addition to it being there in the dddrop printers, this module is also available for purchase as a standalone attachment that can be attached to existing printer models. The module costs $250 individually. The device will soon be available in the webshop of dddrop, purchasing which ,you can begin using up the unfinished filament rolls and save money.


The entire 3D printing community is overjoyed and keen on purchasing the filament detection modules so that they can improve the general experience of rapid prototyping. Last month, a Kickstarter campaign was launched by a startup called Dyze Design that featured a Sentinel Filament Detector and Cleaner priced at only $39.


The campaign has raised three times its targeted amount from individual backers, meaning that this device too will see the light of the day. Hence the day is not far when rapid prototyping enthusiasts of different skill levels and dedication will be able to reap the benefits of filament detection modules.






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