Rapid Prototyping Inside View: TEVO’s New 3D Printers


For 3D printing and rapid prototyping enthusiasts, TEVO 3D printer is a prominent name in the rapid prototyping industry. Their different models of 3D printers have been greatly acclaimed in the scene and are much coveted by industrial giants and independent hobbyists. Their two signature models are known as Tarantula and Black Widow.


These models are known very well for their excellent price to performance ratio as well as their superior quality of build. These two products have been appreciated by many experts of the industry and independent users, as a result of which a growth of confidence is observed in the manufacturers. This confidence is being exhibited in them little by little, and the company has recently announced the latest addition to the short list of products that they offer. This new rapid prototyping device model is known as ‘Little Monster’. Let us not be fooled by this deceptive name because the printer boasts a huge volume of 340mm diameter by 500mm height. Hence, this monster is not as little as one might think.


Unlike its predecessors Black Widow and Tarantula, which were both based on the Cartesian design for 3D printers, Little Monster happens to be based on the Delta design of 3D printers. TEVO seems to have made some drastic changes in the parts that have been used to manufacture the Little Monster, hence the differences do not end there.


The company apparently has made an interesting addition to a glass-ceramic based heating bed which can lessen the time of heating by half of that of the conventional bed plates made of aluminum. Integrating the leveling sensors from ANTCLABS Original BLTouch, ease of use has been ensured in this particular model. The rapid prototyping device also boasts an MKS TFT28 touchscreen in its build, which happens to have a touchscreen display of 8 inches and full color.


The framework of the rapid prototyping device is made using the Openbuilds Aluminum Extrusion 4080, which has been CNC cut for ensuring precision. This addition has made the assembly of Little Monster quite easy, or in more professional terms, more modular. The printer also happens to have very strong active cooling fans so that better temperature control can be ensured.


The fans have been furnished with tons of settings that one can play around with, in order to get the best quality end products from rapid prototyping. Another great feature that this printer has is its brilliant pausing functionality. The printer can be resumed even on account of a power failure. This is a great feature if one has a small UPS installed so that one can pause or resume as soon as the main power is back on.


The platform that the printer works on is Smoothieware opensource platform. This has added some benefits such as ease of configuration with the use of a simple file of configuration on the provided SD card. This eliminates the use of flashing or compiling of the device. This also enables one to make the necessary changes.


All one needs to do in this case is make a change in the software beyond the configuration text file. This can then be just compiled, renamed to firmware.bin, dropped it in the card and restarted. These steps however, are advised for more advanced users of the technology only.


The technical specifications of the TEVO rapid prototyping device Little Monster include the large build size of 340x500mm and a large heating bed. The maximum printing speed of it happens to be an impressive 250mm/s. The structure is full CNC with a Titan Extruder, also having the Openbuilds Aluminum Extrusion 4080 on there. The rapid prototyping device can print using multi filaments such as ABS, PLA, Flexible PLA, wood, PVA, nylon, and HIPS. The structure is modular and easy to use, as well as simple to maintain.


The MKS TFT28 touchscreen is definitely a great addition to the device. The glass ceramic heat bed of AC 220V heats much faster than aluminum beds. The ANTCLABS BLTouch helps tremendously with auto calibration as well. Smoothieware software has been used in the operation of the printer.


Currently, the kit containing this full of feature 3D printer is available for a price of just $799. This is an offer price currently available for clients. One can also place the order for the Little Monster TEVO DELTA 3D printer for themselves in order to get seamless and hassle free rapid prototyping experience.


This printer has a lot of potential in getting the attention of experts and independent hobbyists alike so that 3D printing and rapid prototyping of the future becomes more affordable and available to the general masses. TEVO sure has surpassed its previous models with the release of this handy and effective Little Monster.



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