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3D printing and rapid prototyping are making waves in various industries as the companies have realized the full potential that these technologies could offer. Cutting down costs and valuable time, rapid prototyping lets one prepare many instances and iterations of a finished product; which proves excellent for customization. Demanding and challenging industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical and research based fields are trying to make use of 3D printing as a tool to strengthen their enterprises. More and more 3D printing and rapid prototyping companies are coming to the market, each better than the other. The latest models of 3D printers are more compact and practical than ever before. Such is the new 3D printer by Robo.


Known formerly as Robo 3D, Robo has been renamed recently, being a company that is fast becoming one of the game changers in the 3D printing scene. This is a company on the move because only a few years ago, its founders were trying to build 3D printers at their humble workshop at a garage. After their Kickstarter campaign became successful in the winter of 2012, the company has shown steady growth to more than thirty employees. Their classic R1+PLUS printer even though is a very durable machine, the new models Robo C2 and R2 pretty much add to the capabilities of the entire line of Robo 3D printers. Not only did the company change its name from Robo 3D to Robo, they made an announcement that their new 3D printer models are available to be pre-ordered from the Kickstarter campaign. One of the more sleek features is the new logo of Robo, which has been seen in the modern aesthetic of the C2 and R2 printers.


Last month, the company was going to reveal the C2 (known previously at the R2 Mini) and the R2 in around October. They are now available for pre-order and have gone into full scale production. The delivery time for the C2 models are in November and the R2 will be shipping in January next year.


The Robo C2 is a fairly compact 3D printer that has a footprint of 13 x 12.75 x 18.75 inches. The weight is just at 20.8 lbs, having a build volume of 5 x 5 x 6 inches. Compared to this printer, the Robo R2 is a bit bigger with a footprint of 16.75 x 16.5 x 23.75. Its build volume is 8 x 8 x 10. Both of these printer models have a print speed of 16 cubic millimeters, layer resolution of 20 to 300 micron, travel speeds of up to 250 mm/sec, quick nozzle change, auto leveling and removable print beds and also detection system for filament run out.


Both printers have some other cool features such as the C2 is equipped with a 3.5 inch built in color touchscreen. The R2 has some fantastic pro features such as the 5 inch touchscreen, camera set up on board, heated bed, nylon unibody XY gantry (upgradable to dual extrusion) along with a hinged door made of plexiglass. The R2 can print in about thirty types of material while the R2 can print over twenty materials without using the heating bed. The standard purchase of both comes with a twelve month warranty, along with 24/7 lifetime support for rapid prototyping.


Along with these amazing features, the R2 and C2 both have Wi-Fi connectivity, integrated model slicing and can work with the Robo mobile app. The app is currently in beta testing mode for iPad and iPhone. From the Robo website, a sign up form can be found from next week. The app will be made available for Android devices very soon. One can print anything directly from the app, manage more than one prints and printers at once, monitor the print progress and manually control the all the settings of the printer. One can also choose to connect to cloud based libraries through the Robo app in order to have access to thousands of 3D models uploaded there. In-app purchases of accessories, print kits, filament and more can be made too.


Co-founder of Robo Braydon Moreno says that the company has been working tirelessly at their San Diego headquarters. They have redesigned their printer inside out, seeing it as a great opportunity to push the boundaries in this industry, while giving the consumers an ultimate rapid prototyping experience. He adds that the Robo R2 and C2 will continue to empower people to help their imagination soar. Their ideas will be brought to life with the easy to use technology of the company, so that they can create anything from rapid prototyping models to brand new products, household items, personalized pieces etc. They understand and realize that the future of rapid prototyping and 3D printing are bright, the future is now with their two new launches, which is coupled with what they dub as Robolution.



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